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Patrick Bowsher works as a composer, musician, music producer, mixer and sound designer. He's composed many scores in the areas of film and TV in a wide range of styles and instrumentation such as orchestral, electronic, jazz and more.

He plays a few instruments including guitar, piano, keyboards and electric bass.

music production credits

OST - Composer, Producer, Performer, Mixer for original soundtrack albums

Original Releases - Albums in various styles including jazz, rock and trance

Original Music used by TV networks and channels including The History Channel, MTV, VH1, National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, FOX, ESPN, CBS, NBC, Bravo, A&E, Oprah, E!, Independent, WE, Travel Channel, Fit TV and the Food Network

Patrick has worked with many artists in many styles as a co-writer and music producer

film & TV credits

MoneyTrack, Money for Life - Music for one-hour and 90 min PBS TV specials produced by Pam Krueger and Neil Alford (60 min and 90 min)

The Sample - Music and Sound Mix for documentary short, dir. Eugene Rodriguez (15 min)

Out of State - Music for 5 episodes of comedy short TV Mini Series, dir. Edward Heede (5 min)

Secret in Provence - Sound Design and Sound Editing for surreal dramatic featur film, dir. Geoffrey de Valois (90 min)

Naked - Sound Design, Music Editing and Sound Mix for dramatic short film, dir. Tracy Taylor (20 min)

Unsolved - Sound Design and Foley for noir dramatic short, dir. Julia Camara (18 min)

Party Slashers - Sound Design and Sound Mix for comedy short, dir. Carl Bachmann (8 min)

The Greenfather - Audio Cleaning for environmentally friendly PSA spoof (2 min)

Heat in Vegas - Sound Design and Sound Mix for dramatic short film, dir. Rebecca Hu (25 min)

Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors - Music, Sound Mix (5.1 and stereo) - Palm Beach Festival (Winner - Best Documentary Feature Award), Nominated for Emmy Award. Broadcast on PBS WGTE, dir. Heather Famularo (57 min)

Miracle on Metal Street - Music, Sound Design and Mix - LA Shorts Fest, Dragon Con Independent Film Festival (Winner - Best Musical), LA Fear and Fantasy Festival, CineMayhem Film Festival, Sacramento Horror Film Festival, dir. Carl Bachmann (14 min)

The Touch - Music and Sound Design for dramatic short film, dir. Kangana Ranaut (10 min)

Sex, Drugs and Jazz - Sound Design for comedy web series, dir. Cameron Washington (15 min episodes)

Radio Bandido - Sound Mix for documentary about activist and DJ Oscar Gomez, dir. Pepe Urquijo (56 min)

Raphael Dumtaro: Warrior of Love - Music and Sound Design for comedy short film (8 min)

Suburban Howls - Audio Cleaning for TV documentary by Living World Films, dir. Melissa Peabody (57 min)

The Shadower - Sound Design for 3D experimental short film - LA 3D Film Festival (Winner Best Experimental Short), dir. Jenny Januszewski (20 min)

Sorry Bro - Music and Sound Design for stop-motion comedy web series, dir. Antonino Buzzone (Episodes under 3 min)

Hey, Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird - Additional Music for documentary feature about the author. Theatrically released (limited) by First Run Features. Updated and broadcast on PBS American Masters series as Harper Lee: American Masters, dir. Mary Murphy (82 min and 90 min)

Fronzel - Music and Sound Design for animated sci-fi short, dir. Oliver Daly (12 min)

Sale Barn - Music Recording for made-for-TV short by Max Films, dir. Angel Vasquez and Brooke Dagnan (27 min)

RIFT: American Horror - Behind the Scenes - Music, Sound Design and Mix for release trailers and documentary short about the feature film, dir. LazRael Lison (1:10, 1:57 and 15 min)

Dreamkiller - Original Theme Song, Additional Music, Sound Design, Spanish Dub and M&E Mix for theatrically released feature (limited) by Delaware Pictures (Winner - Best Supporting Young Actress - 32nd Young Artist Awards), dir. Catherine Pirotta (110 min)

The Adventures of Alby the Albatross - Sound Design for animated children's TV show produced by Guess Who Multimedia (3 min episodes)

The Pre-Paid Revolution - Music - Promotional and presentation video for Blackhawk Gift Cards, Produced by Rivet Global

VISA Podcasts - Music and Sound Design for a series of podcasts created by Rivet Global for VISA

Kontrast - Music and Sound Design for dramatic short film, dir. Lazrael Lison (28 min)

Turning Point - Sound Design and Mix for documentary feature about Bowling Green University in Ohio, dir. Angel Vasquez (102 min)

Blood and Soil - Sound Design for period short about the American Civil War, dir. Brandon Osterman (20 min)

Paper Words - Music, Sound Design and Mix - Columbus Film Festival (Honorable Mention, Chris Award), SF International Women's Film Festival, My Hero International Film Festival (Winner - 3rd Place, Animation Category), US TV release with ITVS, PBS and Independent Lens, released on DVD - dir. Joyce Lee (28 min)

High Water - Music, Sound Design and Mix - BET, New Orleans Film Festival, dir. Lloyd Clark (22 min)

MoneyTrack Seasons 1-3 - Music for award winning PBS financial TV series, produced by Pam Krueger and Neil Alford (28 min)

VISA Mobile Phone Campaign - Music, Sound Design and Mix - TV and Web Commercial, Infomercial for the launch of VISA's mobile phone campaign (30 sec, 1:30)

Krazy Unleashed - Music and Sound Design for comedy web series, dir. Lazrael Lison (13 episodes of 5 min)

Still Cries the Soul - Music for dramatic feature film, dir. Riju Raju Sam (117 min)

The Institution - Music for comedy feature film, dir. Marynell Maloy (85 min)

When Flashbulbs Pop - Music and Sound Design and Mix for short thesis film by Elizabeth Berk, NYU (15 min)

Cold - Music and Sound Design and Mix for short film by experimental artist Eugene Rodriguez (20 min)

The End of Poverty? - Sound Design and Mix - Cannes Film Festival (Critics Week Selection), Athens International Film Festival, African Diaspora International Film Festival, Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Kolkata Film Festival, Kenya International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Bruxelles Festival du Cinema d'ATTAC, Paris International Environmental Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, Oslo Films from the South Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, theatrically released (limited), available on DVD and VOD, narrated by Martin Sheen, dir. Philippe Diaz (106 min)

Eve - Sound Mix for pilot episode of 13 part BBC documentary mini series, dir. Tegan Summer (49 min)

Smith and Hawken TV commercial - Music and Sound Design for TV commercial featuring Smith and Hawken garden furniture (15 and 30 sec)

The Rhapsody - Sound Design and Mix - WorldFest Houston (Winner - Special Jury Award), Monmouth Film Festival, premiered in Australian HD theatres, available on VOD, dir. Max Cusimano (29 min)

Stephanie's Image - Location Sound, dir. Janis DeLucia Allen (72 min)

California Health and Wellness Foundation Peace Prize Media (2003 - 2007) - Music and Sound Mix for the annual award ceremony, dir. Jo Streit (3 introductory videos each year, 15 min)

TRE - Additional Sound Design and Mixing for dramatic feature, dir. Eric Bylar (87 min)

Speaking Freely Series, Episodes 1-3 - Sound Mix for US and foreign DVD release of the documentary series, dir. Phillipe Diaz (52 min)

Angels in the Dust - Sound Mix for theatrical trailer and DVD - Seattle Film Festival (Winner - Best Documentary), Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (Winner - Audience Award), Amnesty International Film Festival (Winner - Audience Award), Encounters South African International Documentary Festival (Winner - Audience Award), Ojai Film Festival (Winner - Best of Festival Award), Reel Women International Film Festival (Winner - Festival Prize), Santa Barbara International Film Festival, dir. Louise Hogarth (2:47)

Raising FLAGG - Sound Mix of theatrical trailer and DVD, dir. Neal Miller (1 min, 1:45)

My First Wedding - Sound Mix and M&E Mix of foreign theatrical trailer and DVD, dir. Laurent Firode (3 min)

Conventioneers - M&E Mix (5.1 and stereo) for foreign release - Film Independent Spirit Award (John Cassavetes Award), Florida Film Festival (Winner - Grand Jury Award), Tribeca Film Festival, dir. Mora Stephens (95 min)

Biro - Sound Mix and Additional Sound Design - DVD release by Cinema Libre Distribution of the one man play written and performed by Ntare Mwine, dir. Ntare Mwine (100 min)

The Legend of Bloody Jack - Music, Sound Design, Mix and M&E Mix (5.1 and stereo) - Distributed internationally by The Asylum, Hollywood and broadcast on Zone Horror TV in the UK, dir. Todd Portugal (84 min)

VISA Commercials - Music and Sound Design for nationally televised commercials, produced by Marketing Drive Worldwide (30 sec, 1 min, 2 min)

Blackhawk Gift Cards Commercials - Music and Sound Design - Commercials and presentation videos, produced by Marketing Drive Worldwide and Rivet Global (1 min, 1:30, 2 min, 2:30)

Arianna's Journey - Music, Sound Design and Sound Mix for documentary, dir. William Farley (50 min)

24 City - Location Sound, Additional Music and Sound Mix for documentary, dir. Angel Vasquez (45 min)

Bowling Green University: A Portrait - Music and Sound Mix for documentary, dir. Angel Vasquez (55 min)

Echo - Location Sound, Music and Sound Mix for experimental short, dir. Eugene Rodriguez (15 min)

Win - Location Sound, Music and Sound Mix for experimental short, dir. Eugene Rodriguez (10 min)

Cartography of Ashes - Music, Sound Design and Mix - San Francisco 1906 Earthquake Centennial experimental film piece exhibited at the Oakland Museum, dir. Dolissa Medina (45 min)

Citizen - Music Supervision, Music Editing, Additional Music - Amsterdam Institute of Film and Television, International Film Festival van Antwerpen, 8th Deauville Festival of American Cinema, Sundance Film Festival, Whitney Museum of American Art, 7th International Biennial of Humour and Satire, Florence International Festival of Independent Cinema, Available on DVD, dir. William Farley (75 min)

Happy Life - Music and Sound Design for comedy feature film, dir. Sharon Kirk (95 min)

The Mouth Revolution - VO Recording and Sound Mix, dir. Pete Hamm and Louis Fox (3 min)

Boogie Woogie Express - Sound Mix for documentary short film, dir. Donald Harrison (10 min)

The Meatrix 2 - VO Recording and Sound Mix, produced by Freerange Graphics (5 min)

Leave a Message - VO Recording and Sound Mix - Berkeley Video and Film Festival, dir. Carsten Kranzer and Ronald J. Sanchez (16 min)

The Stories - Music - Mendocino Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Cleveland Cinematheque, Mill Valley Film Festival, dir. William Farley (5 min)

Concerned Lady for America - Music and Sound Mix - Tiburon Film Festival and SF IndieFest, dir. Beth LaDove (14 min)

Of Men and Angels - Music - Sundance Film Festival (Winner - Best Screenplay), Cannes International Film Festival Market, Mill Valley Film Festival, Houston International Film Festival, Boston Film Festival, available on DVD, dir. William Farley (90 min)

Grocery Store Wars: The Organic Rebellion - Final Mix and VO Recording for comedy short film, dir. Louis Fox (6 min)

That Man: Peter Berlin - Sound Design and Mix - Berlin International Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival (Winner - Best Documentary), Reel Identities Film Festival, Austin Film Festival and Fire Island Film Festival, dir. Jim Tushinski (80 min)

High School Ripped Me A New One - Music, Sound Design and Mix - SF Black Film Festival, SF IndieFest, NY Underground Film Festival, dir. Cameron Washington (90 min)

Drive Thru - Music, Sound Design and Mix - Film Arts Festival, Frameline Festival, dir. Jed Bell (6 min)

Approved - Music for comedy short film, dir. Victoria Reichenberg (27 min)

Film Arts Festival Trailer (2004) - Music and Sound Mix (30 sec, 1 min)

Favors - Music, Final Mix (5.1 and stereo), dir. Gary King (22 min)

Vanilla - Music, dir. Joe Graham (50 min)

For Richer or Poorer - Music, Sound Design and Mix (22 min)

Boilermakers - Sound Mix, dir. Sebastian Feldman (10 min)

The Cleaning Lady - ADR for comedy feature, dir. Curtis Lim (100 min)

Arnold - Music, dir. Ron Merk (20 min)

Mind Game - Final Mix, dir. Nancy Weirum (12 min)

Iceberg - Sound Design and Mix, dir. Christopher Barranti (22 min)

Don't Tell - Additional Score, Sound Design and Mix, prod. P77 Productions (20 min)

Love Life - Music, Sound Design and Mix - Frameline Film Festival, dir. Nancy Gaglio (10 min)

San Francisco Independent Fim Festival Trailer (2003) - Sound Design and Mix, dir. Mark Atkins (1 min)

How Do We Get it Right? - Location Sound and Music, dir. Urvashi Bhagat (8 min)

I Am What I Am - Orchestral Arrangement and Mix of the Broadway show tune for Miss Virginia finalist Heather Mayes

How Low Can You Go? - Music and Sound Mix, dir. Candy Campbell (45 min)

DANCE 3.1 - Music and Sound Design for dance piece commissioned by Kim Shipp for Shipp Dance Theatre (10 min)

Unsung - Music, dir. Laura Young (10 min)

David and Goliath - Music and Sound Mix, dir. Robert Adams (20 min)

Miles out and Hours Overdue: Yosemite Search and Rescue - Music and Sound Mix - Torello Film Festival, Graz International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival, dir. Gary Zieff (44 min)

South Africa's Great Sardine Run - Music and Sound Mix - Screened on SA Airlines, made-for-TV documentary, released on DVD, produced by Neil Alford for Beyond Pix, San Francisco (45 min)

Little Failures - Sound Editing and Mix - Sundance Film Festival, Claremont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, dir. John Dilley (6 min)

Denial - Music and Sound Mix, dir. Gregory Sugajski (75 min)

Minutiae of Light - Music, dir. Michelle Van Zandt (12 min)

LAI - My Life as a Liar - Music, dir. Joyce Lee (20 min)

Night in Tunisia - Sound Mix, dir. Steve Yamane (10 min)

Scumrock - Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, Mix and Foley - Vancouver Film Festival, New York Underground Film Festival (Winner - Best Feature), Chicago Underground Film Festival (Winner - Best Feature) and others, dir. Jon Moritsugu (79 min)

Foucault WHO? - Music - Frameline Film Festival, Fano Film Festival, Reel Film Festival, dir. Jed Bell and Wickie Stamps (12 min)

Three Cornered Hat - ADR - LA DV Expo, dir. Tony Liano (6 min)

Inside the Actor's Head - Music and Sound Mix - Rhode Island Film Festival, LA DV Expo, dir. K.C. Smith (13 min)

In Darkness - Sound Mix, dir. Mauricio Chernovetsky and Arlene Muller (12 min)

The Knight in Glass Armor - Music - New York Independent Film and Video Festival (Winner - Best Dramatic Feature at LA presentation of NYIFVF), dir. Wayne Schotten (145 min)

Rob's Guide to San Francisco - Sound Mix, dir. Rob Wilson (50 min)

Sigh - Sound Mix - San Diego Independent Film Festival, dir. Neil Kendrick (6 min)

Streaming Media Magazine - Sound Mix, dir. Peder Berg and Stuart Sheldon (30 sec)

Code 2000 - Music and Sound Mix, dir. Don Radulovic (110 min)

It's Better in the Bahamas - Music, dir. Scott Barnum (30 sec)

Touched - Music - Milan Film Festival, dir. Narda Rubens (65 min)

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